MakeUp by Mari Idaka



MakeUp by Mari Idaka

井髙 麻理

1988年 神戸生まれ。東京育ち。2008年に美容師免許を取得後、単身でアメリカへ渡る。フリーランスメイクアップアーティストとしてハリウッド映画をはじめ、短編映画、CM、Music Video、雑誌などを中心に活躍。


2011年(シドニー)、2013年(ロサンゼルス)で開催されたInternational Makeup Artist Trade Show(IMATS)の特殊メイクコンテストではファイナリストの8名に選ばれる。

現在は東京に拠点を移し、第一線でフリーランス ヘアメイクアップアーティストとして更に活動の幅を広げながら、その人がもつ本来の美しさ・可愛らしさを最大限に引き出すテクニックを提供している。

email: mari.i@live.jp


Mari Idaka


Born and raised in Japan, a freelance makeup artist in both beauty and special effects makeup. Mari Idaka came to Hollywood to expand and build her career in the industry as a makeup artist. She has had the good fortune of working on different types of events such as: commercials, fashion shows, photo shootings, iphone apps, music videos, short and feature films.

Mari Idaka has been chosen as one of eight world wide finalist to compete in the Character/Prosthetics makeup competition at International Makeup Artist Trade Show(IMATS) in Sydney, Australia (2011) and Los Angeles, CA (2013). As being out there herself, she keeps learning and challenging herself to become an advanced makeup artist, and she is knowledgeable of her capabilities and room for improvement.

What she is doing is what she has been dreaming of for her entire life. She is very easy to work with and as an up and coming makeup artist she would be more than happy to be a part of a team, assisting on current and future projects.

email: mari.i@live.jp